1 February 2023

Edinburgh’s Colourful Cherry Blossoms

The Meadows Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom in Edinburgh Meadows

From the end of April into May, something magical happens in Edinburgh - pink and white cherry blossoms burst into life, brightening up our city’s parks, gardens and streets.

  • Tip 1 Take lots of photos as the blossoms are fleeting but the memories last a life time

  • Tip 2 Keep your eyes peeled as you will find them all over the city

  • Tip 3 Appreciate all their beauty as they only flower for a short time every year

Introduced to the UK in late 19th century, these colourful blooms, which are known as “Sakura” in Japanese, are hugely symbolic in Japanese culture. Representing clouds, due to their blooming en-masse, they are also symbolic of the fleeting nature of life, as their blooms are short-lived.

We’ve loved seeing your images of Edinburgh’s cherry blossom on our Instagram channel and have selected a few of our favourites from all corners of the city.

So next time you’re out for a walk, be sure to take a moment to look up and appreciate these gorgeous blossoms before they disappear until next year!

Princes Street Gardens

???? @from_south_to_north

Princes Street

???? @stella.sobola

Market Street

???? @pandeyrr

Canongate Kirk

???? @lir.on.it

Register Place

???? @edinburghinmyheart

New Town

???? @travelswithmyphone

The Meadows

???? @moving_girl

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