Official Guide to Edinburgh


Traditional souvenirs and quirky independent finds.

Cranachan And Crowdie Inline

Need some tartan? Old Town and the Royal Mile is definitely the place to be. But dig a little deeper and you'll discover one of the most curious and unique shopping scenes in the country.

The Royal Mile offers the perfect spot to find that special souvenir of Scotland - you'll find a range of items in your family tartan (and if you're not sure which it might be, they can sometimes help trace your family name to find it), including kilts. You also have the chance to pick up a bottle of whisky for that extra special something.

Scotch Whisky Experience Majestic Malts

Photo Courtesy of the Scotch Whisky Experience

Specialist chocolatiers, fudge shops, coffee shops and even a Christmas Shop are located on the Royal Mile. You'll also find a number of shops selling Harry Potter-themed memorabilia and more Scottish knitwear than you can shake a stick at.

At The Scottish Textile Showcase, you can find a treasure trove of Scottish crafts, from blankets and throws to clothing and gifts, all made by the finest Scottish artisans and wool mills. 

Scottish Textile Showcase Collage Of Six Imaes With Scottish Fabric Garments

The Scottish Storytelling Centre, located in John Knox House, has a bookshop filled with the work of Scottish writers, and a fantastic cafe.

Old Town Shopping: Map

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