Spring, summer, Autumn and winter collage image of Edinburgh

Forever Edinburgh 2024/25 content calendar

With a different theme each month, we aim to focus on creating new content that showcases the best of the city – from arts and culture to food and drink. If your business has any upcoming events or opportunities that tie-in with upcoming themes please share them with us at visit@edinburgh.gov.uk.


A line of cherry Blossom trees ion the Meadows

Content Objective

Highlight Edinburgh’s rich artistic and cultural offerings, showcasing festivals, galleries, theatres and cultural events. Encourage visitors to immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant food and drink scene and explore how Edinburgh has been an inspiration to writers and authors for centuries.

  • April 2024 – Art and Culture
  • May 2024 – Food and Drink
  • March 2025 – Fame and Fortune (film, literature, arts)


Princes Street Gardens, View to Castle

Content Objective

Encourage visitors to engage in eco-friendly outdoor activities while fostering an appreciation for Edinburgh’s natural beauty and environmental initiatives. Highlight the range of family-friendly and wellbeing and immersive experiences that are available in the city.

  • June 2024 – Sustainability, Environment and Outdoors
  • July 2024 – Family-Friendly
  • August 2024– Wellbeing


Autumn view of Edinburgh Castle

Explore Edinburgh’s fascinating history and heritage, featuring guided tours, historical landmarks, and cultural events. Delve into the city’s darker side with ghost tours and spooky attractions while also highlighting its lively music scene.

  • September 2024 – History and Heritage
  • October 2024 – Dark Edinburgh
  • November 2024 – Music and Entertainment


City Centre Snow Storm

Content Objective

Celebrate Edinburgh’s festive spirit, showcasing seasonal delights such as Christmas markets, holiday events, and traditional festivities. Highlight new attractions and developments in the city while inviting visitors to indulge in luxury experiences that make Edinburgh a premier winter destination.

  • December 2024 – Festive
  • January 2025 – New in Edinburgh
  • February 2025 – Luxury