Top Ten Filmed in Edinburgh

Discover some of your favourite films and TV shows in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

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With its spectacular skyline, charming cobbled streets and beautiful scenery, it's no wonder that Edinburgh is so attractive to filmmakers. Some fantastic blockbusters have featured Edinburgh and beyond, and here are just ten of them.

10. Restless Natives

Restless Natives

This 1985 comedy is a Scottish cult classic, and some of its most iconic scenes were filmed in Edinburgh. Restless Natives is about two Edinburgh teens who become local heroes and tourist attractions as they scoot around Scotland on their motorbike and hold up tour buses with novelty items.

Look out for the big bike chase on Victoria Terrace, which also races down the High Street, The Mound and onto Princes Street. Also keep an eye out for the romantic scenes in Newhaven, a beautiful part of town located on the shores of the Firth of Forth. 

9. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie

This 1969 adaptation of Muriel Spark's famous novel won a whole host of awards, including an Oscar for Maggie Smith, who won Best Actress for her role of Miss Brodie. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie was primarily filmed at Edinburgh Academy on Henderson Row, but it also showcased lots of other Edinburgh locations including Greyfriars Churchyard, Dalmeny House and Barnbougle Castle.

8. One Day

One Day

Some of the key scenes of this poignant romantic drama, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, were filmed in Edinburgh. One Day tells the story of Emma and Dexter who meet at Edinburgh University and go on to spend the rest of their lives entwined with one another.

Perhaps the most prominent location of this movie is the intersection of Moray Place and Forres St (pictured above), where the characters' iconic kiss is featured on the main film poster. However, this film also features lots of other beautiful locations in Edinburgh, including Arthur's Seat, Parliament Square, Calton Hill and Victoria Street

7. The Angels' Share

Angels Share

The 2011 comedy by Ken Loach is yet another Scottish classic that features some key scenes in the capital. Starring Paul BranniganSiobhan ReillyJohn Henshaw and Roger Allam, The Angels' Share follows the journey of four friends who are trying to turn their lives around through the world of scotch whisky. 

The movie is predominantly set in Glasgow and the Highlands of Scotland, however Edinburgh plays an important part when the gang attend an important whisky meeting in the Pompadour Rooms at the Waldorf Astoria Caledonian Hotel. Also keep an eye of for Edinburgh Castle, The Mound and Princes Street

6. Chariots of Fire

Chariots Of Fire

Hugh Hudson's Oscar winning feature film about runners Eric Liddell and Harold Williams has its fair share of iconic scenes shot in Edinburgh. Chariots of Fire tells the story of the competition between the two athletes, who eventually overcome their differences to emerge triumphant at the 1924 Olympic Games. 

Filming locations in Edinburgh include Inverleith Park - which played home to the Scotland-Ireland Athletics, Assembly Hall - where Liddell races to a meeting, and Holyrood Park. Also keep an eye out for Broughton McDonald Church on Broughton Place, which plays The Church of Scotland in Paris.

5. The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code

A highly anticipated adaptation of the Dan Brown novel, The Da Vinci Code follows Professor Robert Langdon as he tries to unravel the mysteries of a chilling murder in Paris. Starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou, this gripping film takes the audience on a quest around the world as Langdon uncovers some extraordinary secrets that shake the world of religion forever. A key scene in this movie is filmed at Rosslyn Chapel, which can be found just to the south of the city. 

4. Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas

Keeping on the theme of blockbusters starring Tom Hanks, Cloud Atlas also features some key scenes that were set and filmed in Edinburgh. A sci-fi epic that spans five centures, this film explores how the actions of individuals can have consequences that echo through the past, present and future. 

Scenes starring Ben Whishaw and James D'Arcy were filmed in the capital, including a beautiful shot featuring the Scott Monument. Other key scenes include a dream sequence filmed at India Buildings, hotel shots of the City Chambers on the Royal Mile and an exciting chase down Victoria Terrace.

3. Outlander

Preston Mill

Just outside Edinburgh, East Lothian and South Queensferry host some key locations featured in Outlander. This gripping TV series tells the story of 1945 British Army nurse Claire Randall, who is mysteriously transported back in time to the 18th century. Separated from her husband some two hundred years in the future, she meets rugged Scottish warrior Jamie Bell and finds herself torn between two different men in two different timelines. 

Season one features one of Scotland's oldest working meal mills at Preston Mill at the village of East Linton in East Lothian, which stands in as the mill at Lallybroch. Meanwhile, the the stately home of Duke of Sandringham is played by the magnificent Hopetoun House in South Queensferry, which you can find to the west of Edinburgh city centre. 

2. Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers Inline

Smashing box office records around the globe, Avengers: Infinity War was the biggest movie release of 2018. Mostly filmed in studio stages, Edinburgh featured as the only location outside the US.

Edinburgh's Old Town acts as the hideout for Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), and is the backdrop for a thrilling battle between the Avengers and Thanos' henchmen. Explore more of Avengers: Infinity War in our locations guide

1. Trainspotting & T2: Trainspotting

Trainspotting 600

"Choose Life".

The Trainspotting films are arguably two of the most famous films set in Edinburgh, so it's unsurprising Trainspotting's iconic opening sequence was filmed in the Scottish capital. Fleeing the police, Renton and his pals sprint down Princes Street to Calton Road and under Regent Bridge, a scene recreated twenty years later in the sequel.

The 1996 black comedy drama, based on the novel by author Irvine Welsh, is widely recognised as one of the best British films of all time, and was followed up in 2017 with T2 Trainspotting, based on Welsh’s novel Porno.

This is just a selection of the many feature films and TV series that have been filmed in Edinburgh. For a full list of the top productions, take a look at Film Edinburgh's website > 

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