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The city of Edinburgh

If you have a news story or item of media interest within the area, our communications team would be delighted to talk to you.

Press Trips

Support for trips is reviewed and agreed on a case by case basis. If you seek city support for an upcoming Edinburgh trip, please complete and return our Press Trip and Social Infleuncer Support Form in the first instance. 

Press Pack

Download a copy of the Forever Edinburgh Press Pack 2021


Edinburgh Images

We have a selection of images available for public download on the Forever Edinburgh Flickr page. Please credit Forever Edinburgh 

The City of Edinburgh Council Flickr also have a range of images available. Please give credit where stated. 

Edinburgh Festivals Images

A selection of images from Edinburgh's 12 major festivals are available from the Edinburgh Festival City website. Please give credit where stated.

Edinburgh's Christmas Images

Christmas images are available for download via Underbelly's Edinburgh's Christmas website. Please give credit where stated.


Marketing Enquiries

Filming and Locations

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