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Samhuinn Fire Festival

This October, Edinburgh’s cobbled Old Town will once again host the country’s most spectacular Hallowe’en night event. The Samhuinn Fire Festival celebrates the Celtic New Year, marking the end of summer and welcoming the onset of winter. 

About Samhuinn Edinburgh 2017

Samhuinn Credit Raini Scott

The event, starting at 9pm, takes the form of a stunning torchlit performance with wild drumming, acrobatics, fire-dancing, intricate costumes and battles between the forces of summer and winter.

The event will be on Hallowe’en night from 9pm until 11pm. No tickets are required, so you should get there early to make sure you get a good view. Attendance is by donation to the Beltane Fire Society, a charity run by volunteers marking the fire festivals of the ancient Celtic calendar such as Samhuinn and Beltane. 

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