Summer in Edinburgh peaks during the festival season with a vibrant atmosphere and buzz wherever you go.

St Giles Cathedral God Rays

Edinburgh has a unique vibe, charm and originality and in summer this is magnified with a cultural explosion as Edinburgh hosts the largest arts festival in the world!

Seasonal Highlights

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The summer months are ideal for exploring the city and its surroundings as the weather is usually reasonably warm and pleasant. It doesn’t get dark until at least 9pm so all the more time to spend out of doors. Soak up the festival atmosphere, relax with a cool drink in one of the city’s beer gardens or dine al fresco. 

Princes Street Gardens (1)

What about the weather?

July tends to be the warmest month in the Edinburgh region, with the mean maximum temperatures almost reaching 20°C, around the highest in Scotland. It’s not unknown for the odd heatwave to occur in July or August, and on occasion the mercury can soar – in August 1990 for instance, the temperature reached a scorching 31.4°C.

Forever Edinburgh:  Summer in Edinburgh is a superb time to experience the bustling atmosphere of the Edinburgh Festival.