Edinburgh Castle and Crags from Arthur Seat

Weather and Time


The UK uses Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is also Standard Time (UTC +0).  

During certain times of the year, the time shifts +1 hour, during a period known as British Summer Time. This occurs between the last Sunday of March and last Sunday of October – so make sure to change your watch if you are visiting over these dates! 

24 Hour Clock

You’ll notice when visiting the UK that both the 12-hour clock and 24-hour clock is used when talking about time – like on this website. This is sometimes called ‘military time’ in other parts of the world. If you’re not used to using the 24-hour clock, check out this handy chart to get you started.


  • The weather in Edinburgh varies throughout the year, with cold winters and mild summers. Visitors can expect the weather to vary from day to day, and sometimes hour to hour, so packing for all occasions is often recommended!


City Centre Snow Storm

Generally speaking, the weather in Edinburgh is at its coldest in January and February, with the minimum mean temperature averaging roughly 1.5°C. It can be gusty at times and we do occasionally get snow which makes the city look even more magical – so have your camera at the ready! 


The Meadows Cherry Blossom

Spring in Edinburgh tends to one of the driest periods in the year, with sunshine hours in April matching those in the summer months. The mild temperatures make for pleasant weather in which to discover more of the city and surrounding region. 


Princes Street Gardens, Sunbathers

July tends to be the warmest month in the Edinburgh region, with the mean maximum temperatures almost reaching 20°C, around the highest in Scotland. It’s not unknown for the odd heatwave to occur in July or August, and on occasion the mercury can soar – in August 1990 for instance, the temperature reached a scorching 31.4°C.


Autumn view of Edinburgh Castle

On average, Autumn in Edinburgh can be a little wetter than the rest of the year, but sunshine hours in October reach virtually the same levels as in June and July, leading to long, hazy and pleasantly warm afternoons and evenings, ideal for making the most of Edinburgh’s bustling cafe culture. 

The Weather in Edinburgh today