Day trips to Edinburgh Regions

Linlithgow Palace Credit Visitscotland Kenny Lam

One of the most convenient things about Edinburgh is it’s close proximity to other regions, all of which are easy to reach by public transport. So, if you fancy venturing further afield, hop on a train or bus and you’ll find a variety of new places. From the golden sands of East Lothian to the lush greenness of the Borders, they’re all closer than you think!

Spend a day in East Lothian

Direlton Golf Course Visitscotland Kenny Lam

From castles to coastal walks, East Lothian is full of attractions, and just a stone’s throw from central Edinburgh. Take your pick of things to see and do from our top recommendations.

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Spend a day in the Scottish Borders

Melrose Abbey Visitscotland Kenny Lam

Explore the rich landscapes of the Scottish Borders – they’re much closer to Edinburgh than you might realise. We’ve planned a perfect Borders day trip full of museums, charming town centres, and fine dining.

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Spend a day in Midlothian

PW Scotland Weather Pentland Hills Purple Heather D

Midlothian is a beautifully rural area bounded by the rolling, green Pentland Hills and featuring many woodlands, while remaining proud of its industrial heritage.

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Spend a day in West Lothian

Union Canal Credit Visitscotland Kenny Lam

The area's heritage is rich and diverse, and well worth exploring. In just a day you can take in historic attractions - prehistoric burial sites, palace ruins, castles and stately homes - that span hundreds, even thousands, of years.

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Spend a day in Fife

Ravenscraig Castle Visitscotland Damian Shields

Take a break from the city and head for the stunning coast of nearby Fife. Explore its charming villages, cliffside walks, and fine dining restaurants. We’ve planned a perfect day trip from Edinburgh

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